Hydro Carbon Barrier Booms, Mats and Solidifiers for Oil Spill Containment and Clean-up


Isolated power panels with line isolation monitor for healthcare facilities. Isolation Transformers and Line Isolation Monitors

Eaton's Cooper Power Series

RTE, McGraw Edison, Kearney, and Kyle Medium Voltage Products including Liquid Filled Substation and Pad-Mounted Transformers through 10MVA, Regulators, Capacitors, Switches, Reclosers, Sectionalizing Cabinets, Arrestors, Pad-Mounted Switchgear, and Cable Connection Systems

Federal Pacific

Live-Front/Dead-Front Pad-Mounted Switchgear, Primary Metering Switchgear, Metal-Enclosed Switchgear.

MGM Transformer Co.

Dry-Type Transformers through 5000 KVA and 34.5 KV; Designs include General Purpose, K-Factor, Secondary Substation and Pad-Mounts, Drive Isolation and Marine Duty, Grounding / Zig Zag Transformers

Power Design, Inc.

Fiberglass 15KV, 25KV and 35KV Sectionalizing Cabinets, Pad mounted Switchgear, Primary Metering Enclosures and Fiberglass Buildings

Power Quality Int'l.

Zero Sequence Passive Harmonic Filters, Harmonic Filtering Transformer for Distribution or Drive Isolation


Power Factor Correction Capacitors, Active Harmonic Filters


Metering solutions for: Power Quality, Revenue, Tenant Sub-metering, Substation Automation & Metering Software

Sparkstone Electrical Group

Padmount Air Insulated Gear with S&C components, Primary Metering Cubicles, Medium Voltage Busway, NSTAR approved Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Collector Bus, Cable Transclosures, Limiter Lug Cabinets

Superior Tray Systems, Inc.

Cable Bus: 600V through 69kV class, 800A-11,000Amps Cable Tray: Center Hung and Ladder, Wire Mesh

Toshiba International Corporation

High efficiency, uninterruptible power supplies, emergency lighting inverters and power distributionunits.


Uninterruptible Power Systems, Power Conditioners, Voltage Regulators, Power Distribution Units, Double Isolation Transformers, Emergency Lighting Inverters